Open Past began as what can only be described as tentative. The heritage sector needed better accessibility to many of its teaching/learning resources i.e. conferences, lectures, workshops, etc. and a small group of volunteers decided to do something about it. Going the extra mile to make sure that those that could not attend in person training/learning, for whatever reason, finally could. Open Past was born. Over a decade later we’re still going strong, expanding by adding projects such as promotion videos, short documentaries, coloring books, training videos, and editing services. All for free. All for everyone.

Did we mention Open? That’s important to us. Open Past was formed to create Open resources – we put our work, when we can, under Creative Commons licenses so others can use them. We believe that the exciting work of the heritage sector is for everyone. No matter who you are, where you are, or the means you have at your disposal. Open Past is for you!



Dr. Doug Rocks-Macqueen


James White